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  • SAVE MONEY at the garden center and propagate your own new plants that would cost $20 or more!
  •  PRESERVE PRECIOUS GENETICS: Do you have a perfect hybrid that you want an exact genetic replica of?! Do you have a hardy tree that withstands anything thrown at it? Clone them with CLONE SHELL!
  • SAVE PRECIOUS SPACE IN YOUR GREENHOUSE: You won't have any additional plants until roots fill the shell. When it's time to cut it off and plant, the branch is already a full mature clone!
  •  SWAP WITH FRIENDS & FAMILY: Invite your friends, garden club and family members to use CLONE SHELL on their trees & plants to swap free cloned plants.
  •  SHARE CHERISHED PLANTS: Are you moving and want to take part of your favorite rose bush? Do you have a beloved apple tree you want to give clones of to your children? These are no problem with CLONE SHELL!
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